Making Your Home a Homely Living Space


Homely Living SpaceAfter going through the challenging task of furnishing your home with all the necessary fittings and planning out how each room should be fitted so that the various living spaces are used efficiently and organized in a way so as to make each and every one of them a comfortable space to live in, the next and hopefully the last task you will be faced with, is going to be to go back over each of the rooms within the property as well as the additional, sometime dead-space between the rooms and the corridors and add in the finishing touches here and there to add in some additional character and warmth or depth to the home. This attention to detail will be what adds that ‘homely’ feeling to the property, and it is something that so many homeowner miss out and then are left wondering why they feel like they are not able to fully relax and unwind when getting back from their stressful day jobs or other activities. So you should take time to walk around all rooms of your home with a pen and paper and start making a list of all the things that you could add to each room to add more character and insert your own personal touch to make the home your own.

Home Decorations

The additional fittings, decorations and furnishings could be furniture or decorations you fit to the walls, like mirrors, paintings, hanging rugs, shelving, masks, and numerous other artistic items (use your imagination). Then you should also give some thought to lampshades and other decorations that you could hang from the ceilings – like chandeliers, or some hanging figures. I like to look out for anywhere that would be suitable to fit some stain glasses lamp/light shades because they can look great and the lighting they add to the room is not so sharp and bright, and is instead more colourful. Lastly you should consider what additional furniture could be added to the rooms and corridors – things like coat hangers, laundry bins, file holders, storage cabinets, trunks, carpets, rugs and the list could go on – again, use your imagination and add some of your personality to your home.

After you have visited all rooms of the home and given attention to all other space, like the corridors and landing spaces, you should then have quite a large list. I would then spend some additional time to trim down the list to leave yourself with a final list of only the best items that will be adding a touch of class to each room – you can always go back and get more if needs be, but for now you should be trying to keep your costs down and avoid cluttering up your new house. So go on out shopping for all the items on this initial list, come back and insert them into their chosen spots and then see where to go from there.

3 types of wood for furniture

Types of wood furniture

Our furniture is one of the identity signs of our home and therefore, ourselves. There are uncountable types of furniture and a wide range of materials for them. We must be wise when choosing the material because the durability of the furniture, the style of the house, the influence of the weather… all of it can affect or be affected by the type of material we choose. In we would like to help you to choose intelligently by giving you information about the best materials for furniture.

Cedar wood

This material has a fire color and is soft to the touch. Its smell is distinctively sweet. Rather easy to manage and work, quite uniform in texture and perfect for outdoors due to its resistance to deterioration. Cedar wood normally come from Lebanon, western Syria and south-central Turkey. It is usually used for covering closets and trunks.

Cherry wood

Cherry wood is a type of wood that come from chestnuts. It is hard because of the native place of its trees in the northern hemisphere. The cherry wood is usually brownish red. Its texture is bright, equal and smooth. This type of wood is really easy to work with because of its straight-grained features. The cherry wood last moderately long thanks to its heart quite resilient to rot. This type of wood is rather flexible and thus, its ease to be worked. Its density is average, and it can be bend.

Wood furniture

Elm wood

Elm wood can be characterized by rough grained hardwood and being quite tough. Resisting great pressures, it is an useful material for furniture like chairs or shelves, but even so, it is used for a lot of more types because of the radiance it has. Color can be different in different type of elms but always rich and warm. Green stripes can be found in some of them. If it loses some of its bright, the best way to polish it to get the true colors back is Danish Oil.

Now it’s your turn to go and choose your preferred wood for your furniture!

Seasonal Sales Online – Christmas Is a Great Time To Find Deals


It goes without saying that you will certainly find all sorts of sales when it comes up to Christmas and when you consider bathroom furniture, the Christmas Sale always tends to be the best one of the year, with the most products on sale and with the largest price drops available. I have actually found that the Xmas bathroom sales that are on offer on some websites within the UK are as good as or sometimes even better than what is on offer in the New Year. The reason why I think the sales are so good for the Bathroom Furniture in the UK at this time of year is really because of how cold it gets and this leads to less and less people wanting to even consider renovating their own bathrooms during the cold and windy days, and I do not blame them, actually I totally understand and agree. So if you are someone that likes to get a deal when investing their home furniture, without having to sacrifice any quality, then it is during these next 1 to 2 months that you should be doing all your bathroom furniture and fittings shopping, and in my opinion it is also best to do it online.

Shopping online is a preference of mine even during the summer months, but when it comes to December and January, during the short days, long nights and the cold and wet weather, I consider it as being completely barking mad to opt to mission out to the high street stores, when you can be doing the shopping from the comfort of your own, warm home and sitting on your favourite living room sofa, this is especially true for when shopping for the bigger items, like bathroom furniture. So if you follow my advice and take to the world wide web to start your search for the perfect new bathroom cabinets, vanity basin units or storage units, then you will next need to sift through the rubbish and overpriced offering and dig out the diamonds in the rough so to speak. Well you needn’t go through the trouble as I have taken the time to find the perfect site for Christmas deals on quality bathroom furniture and fittings. The place I am going to recommend is – this family owned and operated home furniture business is totally an online business, and their personal touch is evident in the price points you will find for the very best units and fittings you will find in the UK market today. They usually run up to a 50% discount on many different bathroom furniture items and they offer a very attentive, reliable and friendly service to accompany the great, affordable products.

You should check them out when you have a bit of time and you can then come back and thank me later. Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas. 

A Great Place To Shop Online At Great Prices

online shopping

For any of you that like a good bargain (really this should be all of you), I am going to let you in on a little tip that will hopefully help to save you some money and at the same time will mean that you are not having to settle for any furniture that is ‘second best’ and will not add a feeling of quality and comfort to your home. What I am referring to is a gem of an online shop that is family owned and offers extremely low, competitively priced home furniture for each and every room. The family owned business has always carried out their business with the ethos that the customer comes first and for this reason, they very kindly pass down the savings that they make from being a totally online furniture business (not having the big overheads that having a high-street store bring with them) to their valued customers – this means the prices you will find on their Bathrooms and More Store Website are prices that you will find very difficult to beat if shopping anywhere else in the UK for the same products.

As the name would suggest the ‘Bathrooms and More Store’ is a website that primarily focuses on and started out with totally focusing on Bathroom Furniture items. The business grew from their initial success within the bathroom furniture market to now have options for pretty much anything any of you would be looking for when furnishing your property. The furniture is all of a very high standard as it is all personally selected by the owners who have years of experience working in the home furniture industry and they have a lot of pride when it comes to selling bathroom and home furniture.

What I find best about this online shop that has a warehouse in Birkenhead (you can actually arrange personal viewings if it is essential), is that they are always putting items on sale whenever they can and with some units discounted by up to 50% off their original asking price, you can really find some unbelievably low prices on furniture that is at the top of its range. As they specialize in bathroom furniture and specifically oak vanity units, you will usually find that there will be some fantastic deals on those items. So if you are currently re-designing your bathroom and need to be careful with your budget then the Bathrooms and More Store website is the place you should go.

Buying The Right Coffee Table for Your Living Room

coffee table

When furnishing one’s own home there are of course so many decisions to make and an abundance of variables to think about & options to consider. All the thought that needs to go into the challenge of furnishing a home can leave a person feeling overwhelmed and dizzy, even though the real tough part of going and purchasing all the items has not even started. Some items and units are not as important as others though and actually when getting stuck into the whole process of planning, searching and buying all the pieces to your home furniture puzzle, you will usually find that so much of the home and all the rooms were actually quite simple and easy to fill out with nicely fitting and great looking furniture.  There is little point in ever worrying about these kinds of things, or actually anything in life anyway, as we all know that worrying about something is never going to help the matter, so it is best to do away with procrastination and just start ‘doing’.

coffee tables

One particular item that always leaves me a little stumped, and takes usually a little while longer to decide upon, is the living room coffee table. Perhaps you are sitting there thinking ‘why would such a simple item leave anyone confused?’ or maybe you are like me, and completely understand the difficulty I find myself in when trying to choose the coffee table to invest in. The reason why I find this home furniture unit a difficult one to purchase, is because for me the coffee table in my living room is such an important piece for the entire home; it ties together the rest of the furniture in the living room, it gets used probably more than any other item in the house and there are so many choices to choose from.

The coffee table needs to be the right height, the right depth, solid & sturdy, made to last and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. It also of course, has to fit in with the rest of the furniture items and decorative pieces that have been purchased for the same room. The choice between having a glass or wooden topped coffee table is also another difficult choice I always have to face. I think for my next living room furnishing challenge, I am going to opt for a modern styled coffee table to multiple levels, and might even select one that has internal storage space too. When looking around online recently, I noticed many new, contemporary modern styled coffee tables that look absolutely fantastic.

Finding a Good Home Furniture Sale This Summer

sale furniture

As we slowly but surely move into summers graceful end period, with autumn becoming just round the corner, you may have already noticed a growing number of sales popping up, pretty much all over the place. Everywhere I glance and everywhere I go I am faced with discounts on all, and while this is of course not a bad thing, it make it very tricky to actually come to a final decision and make up my mind on actually what it is that I need. I don’t know about you, but for me when I am targeted with this great volume of sales, sales in abundance and with percentages reaching into the 70’s, I start to consider buying a whole bunch of things that I totally do not need. Everything from clothes to perfumes, to gadgets and furniture; I just want it all while the prices are at a point where the items being presented to me seem too good to pass by.  So there needs to be a certain level of constraint and a great deal of will power to keep from doing what many will do, and eventually waste their savings on discounted products that ultimately will just gather dust. One needs to be wise, make a plan and stick to it; think about the products that you can gain the most from buying at heavily discounted prices, and think about the products that you need, and if possible will even add value to your property. If you are calculated enough you can end up with a collection of great products that will perhaps gain in value by the time we reach the summer of 2019.

sale furniture

Of course what I am leaning towards with my comments above is that now is a good time to have a think about the home furniture units that you need or that can raise the level of comfort or style of your home or any of the rooms within, and then following you putting pen to paper and making a list of the handful or essentials you are going to focus your search on, only then should you go forth and out into the jungle that is the Summer Sale! Remember that you need to be checking each sale item you are considering to purchase to make sure that it is not on sale for a reason, and that reason being because it is either poor quality, poorly crafted or broken in any way, no matter how small the breakage might seem – don’t go for it unless it is perfect as you would expect a new and expensive unit of furniture to be. You should be able to get yourself from really great bargains and afford some exceptionally nice furniture for a fraction of what you would usually have to spend on it. If you then take care of those units over the next 10-12 months, I am almost certain you could get the same amount of money or near enough at a second hand furniture sale in 2019! Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised, and also by doing this you can always enjoy the latest designed and models for your home, always keeping the freshest, most stylish look in the neighborhood.

Is It Wise To Buy Second Hand Furniture?

Is It Wise To Buy Second Hand Furniture?

After renovating a room, or a home or even moving into a new home, you are next faced with furnishing that room, or home (unless you have purchased a fully furnished property), and this can be an extremely expensive experience, coming just after you have already gone through an extremely expensive experience. So it is no wonder that home furniture sales are so popular and so frequent and also second hand furniture forums, websites and blog for example are so active. I am not sure if you have noticed, like I have, the large number of Facebook groups that have been and are still consistently being created to accommodate the vast amount of furniture that is sold online, and especially second hand. With furniture though, you need to be careful when spending your money on discounted or second hand furniture, as it can so often end up costing you more; buying something that breaks or wears and looks terrible after a short amount of time, meaning you then have to go out and buy the same items again.

Is It Wise To Buy Second Hand Furniture?

So, is it a wise thing to be doing – buying second hand furniture? Well as with nearly all things in life, you will come across good options and bad ones, so you just need to know what to look out for, and ensure you take your time to look out for those things so as to avoid buying someone else’s polished rubbish. Actually there are certain furniture items that I would say are safe to buy second hand, and then other certain furniture items that I would recommend to always buy as brand new, never to entertain the thought of buying second hand – no matter how well the seller sells it to you. For example, if buying dining room tables, dining chairs, study desks, bookshelves, TV Cabinets and things similar to these, I would expect you to be able to get a good deal from a second hand site, store or forum. However, if you are in the market looking for a new mattress, living room sofa, washing machine, or fridge, then I would recommend going for brand new items.

The brand new washing machine and fridge will come with a warranty to cover you for many years to come, and these two items tend to be the ones that people are most commonly tricked with by the seller. There are many working parts to both these units and they can be fixed up to work for a short amount of time, so as to pass any inspection by the unknowing buyer, only to break soon after fitting into their home.

Tips and Tricks to Get the Best Deals on Your Home Furniture

It is always nice to save a bit of money here and there, especially when you have worked so long and hard for it, and in many cases, when it is essential so that you can get everything you need and continue to live a comfortable day to day life. Saving money when investing in home furniture is sometimes quite difficult when at the same time you need to ensure you buy quality so that you do not end up with cheap, tacky furniture that will need replacing after a couple years of wear and tear. However, as it can cost so much to re-fit an entire property, so finding a good deal on what you buy can essentially save you quite a substantial amount of money. Something else that makes it difficult to make savings when buying home furniture is the price fixing that occurs in the industry; you might not be aware of this, but the manufacturers of some of the most popular furniture collections will price fix their furniture units. What this means is the furniture stores are not allowed to sell the furniture units less than a set price, which has been set by the manufacturers, and this means that no matter where you shop, you will always find the same, sometimes very high prices.

Tips and Tricks to Get the Best Deals on Your Home Furniture

There are a couple of tricks to look out for though which I have explained below:

  1. Look out for the furniture stores that offer a certain % discount if you reach certain brackets of spend that they will have set. So for example, you will find a store that displays a 10% discount when you make an order of 1,000 or more. So when you reach this limit and get your 10%, you will be getting your furniture at 10% less than anywhere else selling that same furniture! Result!
  2. Look out for the furniture shops or websites that offer free delivery and fitting on purchases made over a certain amount. Although this might not seem like much on the face of it, you will actually be saving quite a bit of money, time and hassle. It can actually cost quite a lot to get your furniture delivered and then getting it fitted can cost some more. It will also save you time as you do not have to go and pick up and drive your own furniture home, and the hassle you are saved is in not having to fit the furniture yourself, which can be quite a value add if you live a floor or two or three above ground level.

There are probably more tricks that you may know about, and if you do, please share those with us in the comments section below.

Home Furniture Sales That Follow The Seasons

Home Furniture Sales That Follow The Seasons

Everybody loves a sale and the feeling of acquiring something for a fraction of the price that it would usually cost you on any other day. It is no different when it comes to buying furniture for one’s home, and when it comes to furnishing a home, finding the right sale or shopping at the right time of year can be the difference of literally hundreds of hard earned pounds. It is also important when searching out the best sales that you are careful to avoid the cheap, poorly made furniture found at some low-end stores. Even if the furniture unit might look the part, you should inspect its fine details, fittings and joinery and ensure that what you are buying is not just going to fall apart after a little usage at home.

Home Furniture Sales That Follow The Seasons

So, it is one thing being successful with finding the stores or websites that generally offer the best discounts during their sales, but the second challenge is timing your home furniture shopping just right so that it coincides with one of the seasonal sales that we have across the year in the UK. Everyone will be familiar with Winter Sales, Xmas Sales, New Year’s Sales, Autumn Sales, Spring Sales & Summer Sales, but which of these opportunities will offer the heaviest discounts? Well if you haven’t already guessed, then I will enlighten you, and actually it is one that I did not mention in the list above; the End of Year Sales. In my experience, and I have a lot of experience when it comes to home renovations and buying top quality items of home furniture, the end of year sales almost always will the occasions where you will find almost too good to be true prices on units that would usually be well outside of my budget. The reason being is because the shops need to make room for the new product ranges that will be coming in to stock and sale in the new year, so they will eventually drop the pricing of their left over units from the year before down to just slightly over their cost price (so they are not making a lose).

Now that you know the secret to finding the best deals, you should time your home renovation to be just between Christmas and New Year’s, this will also be during your time off of work, so it makes the whole process that little bit more convenient and makes sense.

Where to Find the Best Home Furniture Deals & Save a Small Fortune

Where to Find the Best Home Furniture Deals & Save a Small Fortune

Anyone that has had to face the challenge of furnishing an entire property or even a large percentage of a property will understand just how costly the whole experience can be. Of course it depends on the size of your property for how expensive the furnishing of it will be, however even the smallest of apartments, if purchased or rented as totally unfurnished, will ultimately cause a big dent in your finances. Another obvious factor in all of this, that will determine the overall cost of getting the job done, is related to the style and quality of furniture that you plan to invest in for your home. I would strongly recommend that you stay away from the cheaper styled furniture ranges and only consider items and units that have been developed and designed to last, and if looked after & maintained properly, will look good in your home for many years to come.

Where to Find the Best Home Furniture Deals & Save a Small Fortune

For many people facing this expensive challenge of furnishing their property, it will be especially daunting due to the fact that they may have just invested almost all of their savings to purchase the property in the first place. So this is why so many people end up making the mistake of buying furniture for their home that doesn’t last, and starts to look cheap and broken only after a few years, with the result being that they have to go through the whole process again, just a few years later. There are so many sales going on within the furniture market all the time, so where is best to find good deals for top quality units? In my experience, the ideal place to look is within forums for expats living in the location where you have invested in your home. Within these forums you will always find a section that is set up for people who need to quickly get rid of their home furniture before leaving the country and these are the people that will sell at bargain basements prices for top quality products.