3 types of wood for furniture

Types of wood furniture

Our furniture is one of the identity signs of our home and therefore, ourselves. There are uncountable types of furniture and a wide range of materials for them. We must be wise when choosing the material because the durability of the furniture, the style of the house, the influence of the weather… all of it can affect or be affected by the type of material we choose. In homefurnituressale.co.uk we would like to help you to choose intelligently by giving you information about the best materials for furniture.

Cedar wood

This material has a fire color and is soft to the touch. Its smell is distinctively sweet. Rather easy to manage and work, quite uniform in texture and perfect for outdoors due to its resistance to deterioration. Cedar wood normally come from Lebanon, western Syria and south-central Turkey. It is usually used for covering closets and trunks.

Cherry wood

Cherry wood is a type of wood that come from chestnuts. It is hard because of the native place of its trees in the northern hemisphere. The cherry wood is usually brownish red. Its texture is bright, equal and smooth. This type of wood is really easy to work with because of its straight-grained features. The cherry wood last moderately long thanks to its heart quite resilient to rot. This type of wood is rather flexible and thus, its ease to be worked. Its density is average, and it can be bend.

Wood furniture

Elm wood

Elm wood can be characterized by rough grained hardwood and being quite tough. Resisting great pressures, it is an useful material for furniture like chairs or shelves, but even so, it is used for a lot of more types because of the radiance it has. Color can be different in different type of elms but always rich and warm. Green stripes can be found in some of them. If it loses some of its bright, the best way to polish it to get the true colors back is Danish Oil.

Now it’s your turn to go and choose your preferred wood for your furniture!